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Lori Michaels
Lori Michaels brings years of professional experience and has performed through out Europe and the southwest region of the United States. Her background leans towards traditional style Jazz from the 40’s era bringing a fresh sound with warm phrasing. She has a soft laid back style with scat accents and her inspiration derives from Streisand, Jane Monheit and Ella with a splash of Sinatra and Etta James.

Her dreams have evolved as she embraces her life and the challenges to be met. She is quoted at a recent performance stating …“someone asked me the other day what is my vision for my music…. I thought for a moment and realized that reaching the audience is at the forefront of my mind. To look into their eyes and finding a connection is what I have been doing all my life. Music allows me to reach them on a level that simple conversation can't. To see them moved emotionally by phrasing or instrumental genius… it actually defines me in many ways.". When asked about her connection with the band she states..." The piano to me is the foundation as the chords are laid down I can dance above lyrically and melodically. The trumpet frames this and adds contrast and compliment for our listeners. The bass brings the depth and movement as it adds dimension and finesse. The drum weaves the nuances and fills that accent the song collectively. I strive to listen to each and change the listener’s experience.
Music fills our hearts with dreams and memories.... Ihope that I am lucky enough to touch the heart of my listeners......... Lori 

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